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Choose The Best Length For Your Wedding Dress 0

Posted on February 10, 2012 by Mike

Choosing your dress may seem obvious. But if you know the difference between ballerina length and a mini tea length, you’d better read on.

Ankle length: We start with a simple task. You guessed it – - The ankle-length dress is limited to the right at the ankles. A good semi-formal option that can fully or positively.

Knee length: Another important aspect of a bride maids or informal end, this style of rock just below the knee.

Tea-Length: A gown of fences to stop the shin is conservative, yet elegant.

Ballerina: Again, as the name implies, has a full skirt (think tutu) that reaches just above the ankle. Very fun and flirty – perfect for a outdoors wedding ceremony.

Floor Length: The edge of the dress barely touched the ground. A look wonderful formal styles works well in both straight and full types.

Hi-Lo: A variation of the intermission, Intermediate Hi-Lo features a hem at the front, and a word length (or more) of the hem on the back. A popular look for the bridesmaids (and again, love that name).

Intermission: The threshold falls somewhere between the knee and ankle. Perfect for a history of semi-formal or informal – and we love that name!

Mini Skirt: for super sexy bride – a skirt that ends well above the knee.

Floor Length Wedding Dress Always Popular 0

Posted on January 06, 2012 by Mike

Floor length wedding dressis a dress that has a long material till the floor. It’s very elegant wedding dress. This kind of wedding dress is usually used in the formal wedding ceremony. It will be look elegant with the floor length wedding dress. When the brides walk to the church is the time that floor length wedding dress show off their beauty. The brides will look so great in that time. The floor length wedding dress also looks beautiful when the brides on their wedding ceremony. No matters they held outdoor or indoor, they still look awesome.
Wedding Dress Floor Length

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Corset Wedding Dress for Your Great Wedding Theme 0

Posted on January 06, 2012 by Mike

The decision to choose wedding dress is the one of the most stressful in planning wedding, but it sometimes can be fun. There are lots of varieties to choose. One of the latest wedding gowns is corset wedding dress. This kind of dress can highlight the figure as a beautiful woman and shows the sexiness of the brides. Actually corset wedding dress was appearing since 1940s. But in that time corset wedding dress is only used by high society people. It’s different with this modern time that everyone can wear corset wedding dress.
Corset Wedding
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Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress 0

Posted on January 05, 2012 by Mike

Cap sleeve wedding dress is the proof of wedding dress changing. Several times ago, people tend to use strap or strapless wedding dress for their wedding ceremony. But now cap sleeve wedding dress also has many enthusiasts. They who choose cap sleeve wedding dress are people who feel sick with common style of wedding dress. The cap sleeve wedding dress gives different impression. Actually this kind of dress is not the new one. It was appeared in many years ago, but the effort of wedding dress designer makes it appear again in this modern period. Some variations which are applied by designer have a good response from many people. They are very satisfied with the modern cap sleeve wedding dress.
Cap Sleeve
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Strapless Wedding Dress: Cover up Your Shortages 0

Posted on January 04, 2012 by Mike

The brides who have a good body shape should choose the strapless wedding dress because this dress will show off your beautiful body. This kind of wedding dress is also recommended for people who have good skin. The toned skin looks awesome with strapless wedding dress because it will give perfect performance of get dressed. This dress will show off your torso and arms, so you must ensure those parts of your body are good looking. Get dressed is about express your characteristics, you must be careful when choosing a dress, especially for wedding dress. You may consider several things before decide strapless wedding dress as your wedding dress for your wedding ceremony.
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