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Wedding Invitation Motif Types 0

Posted on February 25, 2012 by Mike

Your wedding invitation is your first chance to set the tone for your event. The style you choose, your guests a glimpse into what looks like a marriage, especially if you have a particular topic. One of the best ways to personalize your wedding invitations is a signature motif.

Wedding Invitations

There are many types of subjects (the possibilities are endless, really), and a variety of ways they used to sign to add to your wedding stationery. To first think about the basics of your wedding. Is it formal? Then you choose a very small subject. They have either engraved in gold ink stamping or blind for more subtlety. A formal wedding calls for a balanced and traditional invitation, as well, so you want the subject to place on top of your invitation, in the center.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Less formal weddings can be more eclectic use of motifs. Whether you decide that your letterhead design is printed on, and the invitation text printed on a vellum overlay. For example, if a destination wedding, complete with an airy beach wedding dress and wedding jewelry, invitations would be a fantastic picture of a beach or a tropical flower to be. If the invitation shows the beach scene, which bind the layer on parchment with a piece of raffia, or use a beautiful fuchsia ribbon over the tropical flower picture. Your guests will really feel, beach wedding, and you start to their most festive clothes and jewelry in great anticipation to unpack. Read the rest of this entry →

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